All our proofreaders are native English speakers

They have been chosen for their excellent work and experience in professional English proofreading.

All our proofreaders hold degrees from UK universities. We guarantee a prompt service and most importantly a timely delivery for our clients.

We recognize that our customers are working to strict deadlines and we respect the importance of a prompt and timely return of your proofread document.

Our pricing is extremely competitive. By keeping our operating costs at a low price and by only taking a small profit, we are able to offer the very best pricing for our customers.

How much does it cost and when will I receive my proofread document?

We offer a simple flat rate from 500 Thai Baht per thousand words for our specialized proofreading service. Payment can be taken via PayPal or credit card.

Why Choose Our Proofreading Company?

When you are searching online for a proofreading service to improve your writing, you want the best quality editing service, but at a good price.

All documentation submitted will be kept confidential. Only your assigned proofreader and the editor will see it.

After we have returned your proofread document to you, we will then delete our copies. In addition, we are fully aware that you may have a tight deadline to meet.

Our proofreaders are used to completing work within a small time frame.

You will be glad you chose to use our services.


Paul Stekla
CEO – Proof Reading English

We operate with 24/7 proficiency

It does not matter what hour you send your document, you can be certain that it will be completed and delivered within the time period you have asked for.

We can improve your document

It is normal for our proofreaders to spend, on average, 50 minutes to check 1,000 words of writing, allowing them to do a thorough and comprehensive job on any document that we receive.

Academic tone and vocabulary

The correct academic tone is essential for university assignments and research papers. Our proofreaders will guarantee this is accomplished in your writing by making improvements to vocabulary when appropriate.

Lexis and vocabulary

Lexis and word choice has an important effect on formulating an academic tone to your writing. Our proofreaders will make improvements to word choice and vocabulary.

Our proofreaders can improve your document including, but are not limited to the following:

Develop the lexical (word) choice to communicate your message more meritoriously and with a superior impact on the reader. Restructure syntax/sentence structure and paragraphing to increase the flow and clarity of the material. Eradicating any grammatical errors and punctuation mistakes/omissions Provide suitable presentation and formatting (if requested)

Grammar and punctuation errors

Mistakes that will be corrected include: adverb placement, incorrect conjunctions, missing articles, subject-verb agreement and pronoun agreement issues as well as other errors.

Sentence structure, syntax and paragraph structure

Our proofreaders will thoroughly check your sentence structure and syntax to improve the clarity and coherence of message and argument. We will check any issues relating to paragraph structuring, such as length, unity, order of thoughts and transitions.

Consistency of tenses

It is common for ESL Students to use the wrong tense. This can damage the clarity and flow of writing. As a result making it confusing and at times can be difficult for the reader. We can guarantee that your writing does not give a negative impression to the reader by ensuring the correct tenses are used.