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Paul Stekla
CEO Proof Reading English

In the modern business world it is paramount to be able to correspond effectively.

Getting a new client can prove challenging if you’re making small mistakes in your written correspondents. By using one of our highly skilled proofreaders that will no longer be a problem; corresponding with foreign clients, or advertising through the English-language market, your written work will now be impeccable.

You can rest assured that the impression you now give with your clients will be a positive one. In addition our proofreading company has worked closely with many organizations, we now have a highly reliable business proofreading service, and most importantly at a competitive rate.

Our proofreading services are available to businesses, companies, enterprises and entrepreneurs that would like to communicate more effectively with their clients, shareholders and employees in a more professional capacity.


Our Proofreading Process

Stage 1

Firstly we will choice the most appropriate editor for your work. If you have a reference section then the proofreader who is checking your work, will make sure there are no spelling mistakes in the references quoted. This also helps the proofreader to become more familiar with the subject and terminology.

Stage 2

The proofreader, who has been assigned to check your documentation, will then go through your document, correcting any grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and restructuring sentences where the proofreader deems it necessary.

Stage 3

The tracked document will then be sent to the supervising editor who will then review the document and make any further amendments.

Document Complete

In conclusion when our proofreading team is satisfied with the document, we will then send you a copy of the completed version. We will also give constructive feedback on all documents submitted

Two qualified English Native Proofreaders Will Check Your Documentation!!!


What Is Proofreading?

In layman's terms proofreading is checking written documentation for errors of punctuation, spelling and grammar.

In addition it can encompass pointing out omissions, and repetition and incorrect shifts in the style of writing.

Such errors can be tricky to spot in your own work because you may read what you planned to write, not what is actually on the page.

Therefore a proofreader, who checks your work, will use careful consideration, skill, judgment, knowledge and years of proofreading experience to make sure your work if of the highest standard.