Transcription Services

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Paul Stekla
CEO Proof Reading English

What does a transcriber do?

Transcription encompasses: listening to a recording of something and then typing up the contents into a document. This will then be sent to the client, giving them a written account of what was on the actual recording.

We usually transcribe for journalists, or part of a study, where a researcher has interviewed subjects and now needs their responses to the researcher’s questions transcribed.

If you need a lecture, presentation or radio program transcribed we can do that for you. In addition we have transcribed for clients who have audio recorded their business conferences.

When discussing how long it will take to transcribe the recording, it does depend on the following criteria:

  • How quickly people are talking
  • How many people are talking during the recording?
  • The clarity of the recording (background noise)
  • Being able to clearly understand the speaking voices (accents, speaking English as a second language, mumbling).

If you need anything transcribing please contact us, where we can discuss pricing and how long it will take to transcribe.

We can transcribe from the following languages:

  1. English to Thai
  2. Thai to English
  3. Dutch to English
  4. French to English
  5. Italian to English
  6. Tagalog to English